My passion is turning images of your family, newborn baby or children into art…

I’m so glad you stopped by to learn more about what I do.  I am an artist at heart and love to capture beauty in this world, which is reflected in the way I photograph.  I believe that life is made up of collections of moments.  They pass us by so quickly and it’s so easy to forget them.  I didn’t truly experience this until my children were born.  They grow and learn and change SO QUICKLY and it all goes by in the blink of an eye.  I didn’t want to forget those moments and so my passion for photography bloomed.  When I look at pictures of my babies hung on my wall, it brings me unmeasured joy, remembering those happy moments.  I want to spread that joy around!  My passion is finding those joyful and magical moments full of expression and meaning, capturing them, and turning them into art.

My love of art started at a young age.  Always creating and designing new things.  I started appreciating photography, particularly landscapes and magical spaces.  When I was in middle school, my grandfather passed away.  I will always remember his love (obsession) with photography – he captured the most amazing, expressive photographs of my sister and me at a young age and it inspired me.  I still have his old film cameras to this day!  I think a lot of this inspiration comes out in my photography style.  I love the look of film.

After college I pursued a PhD in medical research.  Complete departure I know!  Throughout school, and even once I finished and started my new career, I continued to practice my art through painting and focused on trees.  So many trees.  I studied them and painted them in every kind of light and style imaginable.  This influences my photography today as well.  My favorite place to be and capture images is in the woods and in nature.  It’s so natural and brings out the best in almost everybody.

When my children were born I decided I wanted a life with more balance.  After much soul searching I decided to pursue something that would open up new opportunities for me and grant me the time to just be with my children.  And so my photography journey began, and I’ve been creating art ever since.

I’m excited to turn your magical moments into art!!!


Erica Eldridge Photography | Nashville Family Photographer

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