Nashville Family Photographer.

I may be biased because I know this adorable family, but they are seriously the cutest family in the world.  You will never love anyone else’s kids as much as your own of course, but I could really steal these children and raise them as my own.  They are just the sweetest. Probably get it from their parents who are some of the nicest, kindest people I know.  The oldest is a typical crazy wild and energetic boy who jumped all over me the entire time (who doesn’t love a good photography challenge?), but he also loves his family and in those quieter moments I saw his sweet little smile and his head rest on his mama’s shoulder.  That gorgeous little girl is a friend of my daughter’s and they are two peas in one pod – extremely girly and dramatic but tender and sweet.  Look at those big sister hugs she gives her little brother.  And the youngest!  If there was ever an argument for having a third child, this kid is should be served up as evidence. Could you imagine not having that adorable face around? This kid made me laugh the entire time. And daily makes me wonder if a third little one has a place in my family. Read here for more info on going for three. This family is so balanced and joyful, it’s hard not to think about. I go back and forth with this a lot. I have always imagined life with just two kids, but after having kids, it’s sort of hard to stop. Especially after my kids were born with two totally different personalities – it’s so hard not to wonder what another one would be like!!!


black and white image of dad holding baby

siblings playing and tickling each other at sunset

yummy big sister hugs

three children smiling in a field

mom and daughter at sunset with sun flare

crazy kids running in a field at sunset

beautiful family of five at sunset

adorable three siblings climbing on each other

two little brothers sitting on a bench

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