This is not just a session. This is an adventure! Life is crazy and chaotic and full of emotion. My job is to capture that. Years from now, I want you to remember what your life was like at this time. All the details, all the little nuances that make you and your family unique, all of it! You’ll look back and fell nostalgic for these beautiful days.

The first thing we will do is pick your adventure. This is my favorite part! We’ll discuss what kind of experience is best for your family and most fits what you love to do together. I never EVER want you to feel overwhelmed with picking the “right” location. Or picking the “perfect” wardrobe. Or worrying if your kids will sit still for that one shot. I am here to make everything about your experience carefree and fun!

I offer 2 different collections starting at $900 plus the creative fee. The creative fee is $200. I would love to chat about which package is best for you. Just reach out!